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What is Efficient Capital Labs?
Efficient Capital Labs is a company that helps B2B SaaS companies get funding easily. We offer affordable funds through our own debt facility, which work similarly to a loan. This helps our customers turn their recurring earnings into upfront cash they can use right away. Getting an offer is quick, within 72 hours, thanks to our automated risk decision system.
How much capital can I access?
We provide up to $1.5 million of funding. The minimum borrowing amount is $25k. We can offer up to 65% of your company’s annual recurring revenue (based on our estimates), up to our max funding amount.
What is the cost?
Our pricing is simple and clear. When you take funding from us, we charge a fixed fee of 10- 14% of the total amount you borrow. That’s it - no extra charges. For instance, if you borrow $100,000, the fee will be between $10,000 and $14,000. You’ll pay a part of these fees each month, over the course of the borrowing period. The specific fee rate we give you depends on the risk of your company.
How long does it take to get an offer?
We can provide you with an offer in 72 hours.
Which countries is funding available in?
ECL can fund any company with a US entity. Many of the companies we fund are based in non-US countries, particularly in India and Singapore - but we have happy customers around the globe. When you apply, we look at your company’s revenue across all your geographies, no matter where it’s coming from.
How is this different from a bank loan?
When banks give out loans, they usually request collateral to secure the loan. Plus, it can take a long time to get the loan - sometimes up to 3 months. For our SaaS customers, it can be tough to provide this collateral and to delay growth while waiting for a loan. With us, you can get funded in just 72 hours, and we do not ask for collateral.
How is this different from venture capital?
We do not take equity. Our funding is 100% non-dilutive, meaning it won’t decrease your ownership. Instead, we have a clear and set fee that’s based on how much funding you get from us. Your ownership stays with you.
How is this different from venture debt?
Venture debt often includes a warrant, which gives the lender the right (but not the obligation) to buy shares of the company. This can lead to dilution of ownership for the founder. Our funding is 100% non-dilutive.
How is this different from a line of credit?
After we give you our first offer, you can decide if you want to take all of it or just a part of it - up to the amount we offered. During the first 90 days after we make the offer, you can also easily request more capital up to the offered amount. After those 90 days, there’s a similar process to when you first applied - we call it re-underwriting. It usually takes about 15 minutes to complete this part of the application. We will make you a new offer following re-underwriting.
How is ECL different from other revenue-based financing providers?
ECL is unique for a few reasons: We use our own debt facility to provide funding, meaning we can give you lower fees and a more dependable service compared to other options. ECL was built specifically for global SaaS businesses. We understand that SaaS companies often generate revenue in multiple countries, so we offer funding based on your total revenue from around the world - not just in one geography.
What can I use the funds for?
There are no restrictions on use of funds, as long as they are for business purposes. Typically, our customers use funds to reach growth goals, including for marketing and hiring.
What are your requirements to apply?
Our capital is available to B2B SaaS companies. To be eligible, companies should have a US entity, an annual recurring revenue of at least $100,000, and 6 months of revenue history.
What do I need to apply?
It’s quick to apply - our application takes 15 minutes. You’ll need to tell us some information about your company to give us the information we need for our risk team to make a decision. We’ve made this easy with connections to Plaid, Quickbooks, and other tools. But if you prefer, you can also talk to our team and work with them to share this information directly.
What if I have another question?
You can reach out to us at contact@ecaplabs.com.